Looking At The Presidential Candidates

The RBSC invited Captain Horace Burrell and Mr. Crenston Boxhill, contenders for the
presidency of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), to present any documents they consider 
helpful in advancing their respective claims to be the best suited to lead the JFF through the 
2003-2007 term.
Captain Horace Burrell 
Captain Horace Burrell has declared that he is ‘running’ on his record of past accomplishments
and holds himself out as having the ability to accomplish much more for our football and our 
Questions submitted by The RBSC to Captain Burrell were not answered, but he has furnished 
documentation of the JFF's accomplishments while under his stewardship.
Captain Burrell's Document On JFF's Record Under His Leadership
Mr. Crenston Boxhill 
Mr. Boxhill has portrayed himself as being able to move our football forward out of a period of 
malaise. He contends that local development is not progressing at the rate it should and under 
his leadership the attention to local development shall be increased.  
Mr. Boxhill was also asked specific questions by the RBSC.  The link below is Mr. Boxhill's manifesto.
Crenston Boxhill's Manifesto
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