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The History of Soccer (7400-RB)

The History of Soccer

With the U.S. making an unbelievable showing in last years World Cup and Beckham controlling the mass media, soccer, more than ever has been dominating the sporting news. Millions of people in the U.S., from soccer families to International transplants are obsessed with soccer – the most popular participation sport in the U.S. and the most popular sport to watch and play worldwide.

Through exclusive interviews and unparalleled footage, this fantastic new 7 DVD series provides both an in depth study for avid soccer fans and an enjoyable overview for new converts.

It’s exhilarating, passionate, glorious, inspiring, fantastic… it’s frustrating, demanding, painful, violent, even tragic. A win can produce a mood of near-religious euphoria. A loss can plunge an entire nation into mourning.

Every society is affected by soccer and HISTORY OF SOCCER: THE BEAUTIFUL GAME provides an unrivaled insight into why soccer is so important to so many people across the world. Fans throughout the country can celebrate the international story of the game with this ground-breaking new documentary HISTORY OF SOCCER: THE BEAUTIFUL GAME, the definitive story of the world’s greatest sport.

VOL. 1
Origins & Football Cultures

  Origins traces the early history of football, from the influences that led to the formation of the Football Association in 1863, to how football spread in Britain and the rest of the world.
  Football Cultures explores football’s role within international cultures, combining religion in Iran, with economics in America, and politics in Spain and Ghana. It includes the 1998 World Cup match between the US and Iran, which shows how football acted as an agent for change and brought the two countries closer together.

VOL. 2
Evolution & European Superpowers

  Evolution of The European Game charts the major trends that helped shape the development of European football into the game it is today. It reveals incredible footage, interviews and facts from across the first part of the 20th Century including Pietro Rava, sole survivor of the 1938 Italian World Cup winning team.
  European Superpowers profiles teams that have changed football history - Real Madrid in the 1950s, the Dutch and Germans of the 1970s, Liverpool in the 1980s and Milan and the French national teams of the 1990s.

VOL. 3
Brazil & South American Superpowers

  Brazil explores Brazil’s dominance as a footballing nation in the global game, as well as the ominous more violent and racist side of Brazilian football. Interviews include Ronaldo, Zico, Mario Zagallo, Didi, Pele, Socrates, Zizinho, Roberto Rivelino and Tele Santana.
  South American Superpowers focuses on the South American teams that have changed the course of football history. Highlights include the England v Argentina 1966 World Cup quarter-final game, and Maradona justifying his ‘Hand of God’ goal that knocked England out of the 1986 World Cup.

VOL. 4
For Club and Country & The Dark Side

  For Club and Country charts the trials and tribulations of French football, the evolution of Juventus into one of the world’s ‘superclubs.’ Dwight Yorke talks about balancing the require-ments of Manchester United with Trinidad and Sir Alex Ferguson discusses the changes he’s seen at Manchester United. Also interviewed is Lucien Laurent, the first ever World Cup goal scorer.
  The Dark Side draws together events and stories that have made headline news -tragedies that have brought communities together, a war sparked by a match and hooliganism that has threatened the very existence of the game.

VOL. 5
Superstars & The Media

  Superstars looks at the careers of players who have risen above the rest and left their indelible and lasting mark on the history of football. Interviews include Diego Maradona, Alfredo di Stefano, Pele and Zinedine Zidane.
  The Media reveals the battleground that has become the sports rights business, whilst George Best, Jurgen Klinsmann and Ronaldo all talk about how they have been treated by the press and the pain it has caused.

VOL. 6 & VOL. 7
Africa, A Game For All & Futures, 2-DVDs

  Africa Pele had said that an African country would win a World Cup by the turn of the 21st Century. This program discovers why, despite the huge potential, these developing football nations have yet to make their mark on the world game.
  A Game For All focuses on the history of FIFA and other powerbrokers that influence the spread of the game culturally as well as commercially.
  Futures looks to the past to learn the lessons that will help shape the future of football. 2002 World Cup co-hosts Japan and South Korea provide the focus to predictions about the future of the game.

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