Focus On NPL Club: Harbour View Football Club.

The RBSC focuses on one of Jamaica’s most successful clubs - HARBOUR VIEW Football club.

The story of Harbour View Football Club is one that chronicles a tale of what is possible as it relates to local football development and points to exciting possibilities for the future if commitment to ideals hold fast.

This is a story about application of initiative, innovation, commitment, dedicated service and hard work lasting for more than thirty (30) years by the people of the Harbour View community.

On the 4th of March 1974, a group of enthusiastic thoughtful citizens concerned about the welfare of the young in the East St. Andrew middle class community gathered in the Harbour View Primary School. They decided that they would use their common love of football, ‘the beautiful game’, to exercise the minds and bodies of the community’s children in the building of character, the appreciation of cooperative team effort and some life skills. All children in the community were entitled to partake in these organized actives.

Football was the passion for many in the Harbour View community. It was decided that the club’s first name would be a simple “Harbour View”. The first action taken was the election of officers for the newly created entity bearing the name of the community.

Two other steps worthy of mention were also taken at that first meeting. They were, firstly the assignment of persons to organize and prepare youngsters to meet and engage in learning and playing the game of football, and secondly it was decided that the Kingston and Saint Andrew parish youth tournament for under 16 players, the Desnoes and Geddes organized and sponsored Minor League Competition, would be entered.

The response of the community to those beginnings led to calls for a senior football team. In September of that same year 1974, entry to the Kingston and Saint Andrew senior football competition, the KSAFA Major League was achieved under a name change to “Harbour View Football Club”.   

Facts on Harbour View:

Size – 2 miles wide by 1.5 miles deep

a)   Population – 2,000 original houses at 5 persons per house meant 10,000 persons. New residents on the hills on both sides of the original community and the creation of Bayshore Park meant another 1,800 houses with 6 persons per households, which translate into another 10,800 persons giving the current total of approximately 20,800 persons.

b)   Types of Schools – 9 Basic schools (3 to 7 years) 9,800 students

-                                                                               1 Primary school (7 to 11 years) with 1400 students

-                                                                               1 High school  (12 to 18 years) with 1900 students

-                                                                               Other schools from the area surrounding Harbour View such as Rockfort, Port Royal and Bull Bay would increase all the above figures to new totals of:

-                                                                               Basic schools (3 to 7 years) 20,000 students

-                                                                               Primary school (7 to 11 years) with 3000 students

-                                                                               High school  (12 to 18 years) with 4000 students

c)   Feeder resource – Age 7 to 19 year olds are approximately 7,000 persons.

d)  Administration Structure – Harbour View Football Club Limited operates businesses under the name of Harbour View Football Club. The board of directors is headed by Chairman Carvel Stewart, with President Sydney Masters, General Manager Clyde Jureidini and Administrator Ludlow Bernard. Six Directors - Michael Jureidini, Steve Golding, Irvin Lloyd, Vin Blaine, Siana Stewart-Watson and Donovan Hayles completing the board.

e)   Team Manager Vin Blaine heads the football management portfolio and he is assisted by Under 21 manager Nigel Casserly, Under 17 manager Victor Bailey, Under 15/13/First kick introductory manager Robert Lee. Equipment Manager Leighton Hutchinson, Physiotherapist Karen Julius, Physical Trainer Neville Myton and assistant managers Andrew Lewis and Steve Lee complete the group.

f)       Technical Director Donovan Hayles heads the coaching staff and is primarily in charge of the National Premier League team while coordinating all other units. He is assisted by Calvert Fitzgerald, Ludlow Bernard Under 21 coach, Leighton Hutchinson Under 17, Sydney McFarlane under 15/13/First Kick where he is assisted by Dexter Laidley and other voluntary persons from the Masters League over 35 years players. Masters League is lead by Clyde Jureidini, he is assisted by Sydney McFarlane and Paul Hibbert.

g)   Transportation is headed by Roxy Williams who drives the club’s station wagon, while Cornel “Fuzzy” Austin drives the Club’s 15 seater minibus. Both vehicles are coordinated through the secretariat in the club’s office located at the front of the stadium.

h)   The Business Centre located below the two room office contains an authorised Western Union outlet, a Cambio Money Foreign Exchange Bureau and Lottery Sales outlet. Physiotherapist room, mini-gym, boardroom, players’ lounge, kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, equipment room and 6 bedrooms with a total of 24 beds used when a squad is in camp along with one unoccupied room slated for a club’s merchandise/sales outlet and museum are all part of the real property that the club owns.

i)      FIFA Agent Phil Graham represents the club in England. Graham has been successful in contracting the historic deal with 19 year old Ricardo Gardner to Bolton Wanderers in June 30th, 1998 after the World Cup in France.

j)       Patrick McCabe is the agent in the USA who placed 22 year old Damani Ralph with the Chicago Fire in February 2003 and 23 year old Fabian Taylor at the New York New Jersey Metrostars in March 2004.

k)    Other international transfers came in November 28th, 2000 when 17 year old Keith Kelly went to Paris St Germaine in France. Milton Griffiths to German second Division Club Entrechat Bruinshweig in 2001. The trend of getting players into professional organizations was started during the club’s first overseas trip to Trinidad and Tobago in 1979 when 18 year old Keith Cunningham was invited for a trial by Gally Cummings of Phoenix FC who the club played against in a two game series. The mould was set when 19 year old Port Royal midfielder Altimont Butler was transferred to a Guadeloupe club after Harbour View had played them in a CONCACAF Tournament in 1986.

l)       Harbour View have relationships with many FIFA agents and Clubs around the world of football.

m) International tour itinerary, list of international junior and senior players are listed on our website at

n)   Harbour View has produced national captains in Linval McKenzie, Barrington Gaynor, and Peter Cargill. 

o)   Harbour View had the distinction of being the club with the largest number of Reggae Boyz (3) in Jamaica’s squad on her visit to her first World Cup Finals competition in France ’98 – Ricardo Gardner, Onandi Lowe and Peter Cargill.

p)    Peter Cargill had gone on to become a National coach after playing professionally in Israel for seven years. Donovan Hayles served as national goalkeeper and went on to become an Under 20 goalkeeper coach under Rene Simoes in 1996.

Trophy collections and achievements:  

·                     D&G Minor League Champions
·                     D&G Minor League Champions

·                     3rd Place KSAFA Major League

·                     KSAFA OMOJO Champions
·                     D&G Minor League Champions

·                     SDC Under 19 Champions

·                     Eastern League Champions

·                     KSAFA Major League Champions

·                     D&G Minor League Champions

·                     2nd Place JFF National League

·                     3rd Place KSAFA Major League

·                     3rd Place KSAFA Major League
·                     2nd Place KSAFA Major League

·                     3rd Place JFF National league

·                     2nd Place KSAFA Major League
·                     2nd Place D&G Minor League
·                     KSAFA Major League Champions
·                     2nd Place Premier League

·                     4th Place D&G Minor League

·                     JFF President Cup Champions
·                     3rd Place Ken Mathews Under 14 3rd Place Jackie Bell K.O.
·                     Masters League Champions

·                     3rd Place Ken Mathews Under 14

·                     3rd Place Ken Mathews. Under 14

·                     2nd Place Masters League

·                     4th Place KS AFA Major League

·                     4th Place Masters League

·                     Ken Mathews Under 14 Champions

·                     D&G Minor League Champions

·                     3rd Place KSAFA Major League

·                     JN Federation Cup Champions

·                     2nd Place Ken Mathews Under 14

·                     2nd Place Jackie Bell K.O.

·                     D&G Minor League Champions

·                     KSAFA Major League Champions.
·                     Jackie Bell K.O. Champions
·                     Jamaica  National Federation Cup All Island Knockout Champions

·                     Under 20 Champions

·                     Craven "A" Premier League Runners-up

·                     Under 20 Champions

·                     Under 14 Champions

·                     Under 16 2nd Place

·                     Under 12 2nd Place at Disney World Soccer Tournament

·                     Second Round Premier League Champions

·                     Under 14 Champions

·                     Premier League Champions

·                     Caribbean WESTERN UNION Super cup CHAMPIONS

·                     Premier League End of First Round Champions

·                     Premier League End of Second Round Finalist

·                     Second Place CONCACAF Caribbean CLUB CHAMPIONS

·                     Winner Preliminary Round Zone 1 CONCACAF Caribbean CLUB CHAMPIONS

·                     JN Federation Cup Champions

·                     Under 17 Champions,

·                     Female League 3rd Place

·                     Masters League 3rd Place

·                     JN Federation Cup Champions,

·                     Premier League - End of First Round Finalists

·                     Most Attacking Team Award

·                     Under 17 Finalists

·                     Female League 2nd Place

·                     Masters League 2nd Place

·                     KSAFA Under 13 Champions

·                     KSAFA Under 20 Champions

·                     Female League 4th Place

 Individual coach and player awards



·                     Highest Score in Major League (14-0 Vs. Rockfort)

·                     Leading Goal Scorer KSAFA Major League (Russell Bell)


·                     Most outstanding coach KSAFA Major League (Trevor Harris) 

·                     Certificate of Merit KSAFA (Carvel Stewart)

·                     Most Disciplined Team (Minor League)

·                     Most Disciplined Team (Major League)


·                     Most Disciplined Team (Minor League)


·                     Player of the year Major League (Mark Salmon)


·                     Player of the year Major League (Junior Groves)

·                     Hero of Major League (Sydney Masters)


·                     Most Disciplined Team (Minor League)

·                     Leading Goal Scorer Minor League (Michael Campbell)


·                     Certificate of Merit KSAFA (Sydney Masters)


·                     M.V.P. Ken Mathews Under 14 (Ricardo Gardener)

·                     Leading Goal Scorer Ken Mathews Under 14 (Daland Trowers)

·                     Leading Goal Scorer KSAFA Major League (Onandi Lowe)

·                     M.V.P. KSAFA Major League (Onandi Lowe)


·                     Leading Goal Scorer Jackie Bell K.O. (Richard Coke)

·                     M.V.P. JN Federation Cup (Andrew Hines)

·                     Leading Goal Scorer JN Federation Cup (Richard Coke)


·                     KSAFA M.V.P. (Onandi Lowe)

·                     KSAFA Rookie of the year (Ricardo Gardener)

·                     KSAFA Manager of the year (Paul Hibbert)


·                     Under 20 MVP Roger Delfosse

·                     Under 20 Coach Donovan Hayles

·                     Under 14 MVP Dino Williams


·                     Federation Cup Leading Goal scorer Nicholas McCreath


·                     Premier League Most Outstanding goal keeper - Leon Gordon

·                     Premier League - Player of the Finals - Jermaine Hue

·                     Most Outstanding Coach - Peter Cargill

·                     1999 - 2000 Premier League MVP - Jermaine Hue

·                     Under 14 MVP - Akeem Priestly


·                     Premier League Hatricks - Fabian Taylor, Nicholas McCreath, Jomo Gordon –,

·                     Under 21 Most Disciplined Award


·                     Romario Campbell – Under 13 Leading Goalscorer with 14 goals

·                     Most Victories in the Premier League in the month of September – HVFC 3 wins (4 games)

·                     Most Goals in the Premier League in the month of September – Fabian Taylor 4 goals (4 games)

 National players:


In the early seventies when an abundance of International games were not in vogue, a solitary National cap was a prized possession to be spoken of with pride and which generated wide acclaim from generation to generation. This was a period of extreme humility, love and die-for-your-country attitude, made men out of boys and mountains out of mere mortals. These are some of the pioneers who laid the foundation for the warriors to come. Two decades later- the world heralding them as the “Reggae Boyz”.

            AT THE JUNIOR LEVEL:

Russell Bell, Nigel Goodison, Donald Perkins, Neville Bell, Trevor McKenzie, Archie Richards, Michael Thompson, Donovan Hayles, Clyde Jureidini, Percival Dennis, Keith Cunningham, Douglas Bell, Peter Prendergast, Richard McHargh, Linval McKenzie, Robert Hall, Donville Munroe, Franklyn Jackson, Peter Gordon, Onandi Lowe, Baris Johnson, Carl Binger, Oniel Smith, Donald Stewart, Paul Prendergast, Dalland Trowers (Capt.), Ricardo Gardner, Andrew Henry, Tyrone Davis, Shakir Lawrence, Malachi Morgan, Andre Virtue, Ali Rose, Jermaine Hue, Leon Gordon, Damion Stewart, Nicholas McReath, Robert Scarlett, Kareem Cooke, Michael Allen, Alex Blake, Milton Griffiths, Jelanie Evering, Keith Kelly, Sean Fraser, Ezra Prendergast, Akeem Priestley, Andre Whyte, Cleon Barrett, Luton Shelton, Kamar Petrekin, Leeroy Grey, Fabian Taylor, Damani Ralph, Christopher Harvey, Lovell Palmer, Conrad Hunt, Ryan Thompson, Anthony Christie and Kevon Elliott

            AT THE SENIOR LEVEL:

Owen Stewart, Trevor Harris, Donovan Hayles, Linval McKenzie (Capt.), Peter Cargill (Vice Capt.), Barrington Gaynor (Vice Capt.), Andrew Hines, Altimont Butler, Paul Young, Wolde Harris, Ricardo Gardner, Milton Griffiths, Gregory Messam, Fabian Davis, Lloyd Barker, Anthony McCreath, Donald Stewart, Clifton Waugh, Oniel Smith, Robert Scarlett, Jermaine Hue, Fabian Taylor, Leon Gordon, Tyrone Marshall, Junior Groves, Mark Salmon, Damion Stewart, Keith Kelly, Damani Ralph


The future:

There are plans to strengthen management, improve administrative structure, upgrade facilities, develop merchandise, improve strategy for the marketing of the club.

There is a commitment to forge deeper relations within the Harbour View community, and other adjoining communities and island-wide.

Harbour View actively seeks to expand its horizon further to build international alliances. In that regard the club has in the following press release given a hint of direction being pursued:


Four (4) Harbour View Football Club players on loan to Trinidad & Tobago top club W-Connection until September, 2004!!


Our discussions recently have explored ongoing linkages between W-Connection Football Club and the Harbour View Football Club (HVFC) specifically the loan of four national players to  W-Connection Football Club until the end of your season.

The players Jermaine Hue, Robert Scarlett, Christopher Harvey and Lovel Palmer are to arrive in Port of Spain, Trinidad on Monday May 24th, 2004 and return to Jamaica on Thursday September 16th, 2004.

We look forward to both Caribbean club’s continued mutual development in the business of football, as we celebrate our 30th year.

HVFC - Thursday May 21st, 2004

Additionally Harbour View is currently holding discussions with professional entities in the US and has had internal discussions on alliances further across the globe. 

2003-2004 season

CONGRATULATIONS TO PLAYERS, COACHES, MANAGERS AND THE COMMUNITY on producing an exceptional season in which the following results have been accomplished –

 -         Under 13 Champions

-         Under 20 KSAFA Champions

-         U-20 Leading goalscorer – Romario Campbell (13 goals)

-         Female team third place

-         Under 15 finalists - Boys

-         Jamaica Football Federation Under 21 - End of second Round Finalist

-         U-21 Championship finalist

-         Leading Goalscorer - Kemar Petrekin  (16 goals)

-         Wray & Nephew / JFF National Premier League Championship Finalist

-         End of First Round NPL Finalist

                        -   Second overall in NPL point standings

                        -   Most Attacking NPL Team Award

-         Leading NPL Goalscorer Fabian Taylor (19 goals)

                        -   Fabian Taylor: Player of the Month (September, November 2003 and January and February 2004)

-         Donovan Hayles Coach of the Month in September 2003 and April 2004

-         JNBS Federation Cup Semifinalist

-         JNBS Federation Cup Leading Goalscorer - Nicholas McCreath (6 goals)

NB: Competition continues in the Female U-15,U-17,U-20 and Masters over 35 years.

The Reggae Boyz Supporterz Club acknowledges the tremendous strides and impressive accomplishments Harbour View Football Club has made since its humble beginnings in March 1974.  

The RBSC recognizes the important part the club has played and continues to play in developments occurring as the striving for an economically viable and successful Jamaica football industry continues. The RBSC wishes Harbour View joyous 30th Anniversary celebrations and wishes the club continued growth and many future successes.  

September 1, 2004

Reggae Boyz Supporterz Club, Inc.