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UWI Football Conference - November 23 - 26, 2011


  • UWI Football Conference - November 23 - 26, 2011

    2011 ICS Inaugural Academic Conference on International Football:
    Ideology, Culture, Politics, Media and Everyday Life.

    The University of the West Indies, the Institute of Caribbean Studies
    and the Department of Sport extends an invitation and welcome to all
    institutions, organizations, administrators, coaches, academics,
    individuals and others interested in the sport of football to
    FOOTBALL to be held at the University of the West Indies, Mona, St.
    Andrew, JAMAICA from November 23rd to 26th, 2011.


    Football was introduced in the Caribbean towards the end of the 19th
    century by the British colonial settlers and soldiers who used games
    and sport as a 'tool' for recreation, relaxation and control. Jamaica
    played its first international match in 1925 against Haiti. In 1965
    under the leadership of Brazilian coach Jorge Penna, Jamaica made its
    first attempt at World Cup qualification, in its bid to be a part of
    the 1966 World Cup Finals in England. The Captain Horace Burrell-led
    Jamaica Football Federation, Brazilian technical director Rene Simoes
    and National coach Carl Brown steered the Jamaican team to success in
    qualifying for the FIFA World Cup in 1998. In so doing Jamaica became
    the first English- speaking Caribbean country to qualify for the World
    Cup finals. The experience of attempting to qualify national teams for
    the quadrennial FIFA World Cup competitions has exposed Jamaia to many
    of the international issues concerning the role of football in the
    shaping of societies globally.


    Primarily, the conference has been conceptualized to assist with the
    revolutionizing of football locally and regionally. The daily sessions
    and activities will facilitate this through focus on the ideological,
    cultural, economic, political and the social encounters of the game in
    the various spaces within which it is played. Therefore, administrators
    and practitioners will not only garner perspectives previously unknown,
    but the conference will also explore new ways of improving the game.

    In addition, the conference will be used as the opportunity to
    celebrate the achievements and contributions of 5 local football
    PIONEERS: Lindy Delapenha, George Thompson, Keith Noad, Allan Cole and
    Ricardo Gardner

    The conference will welcome papers on themes such as:

    The role of football in social history, culture, psycho-emotional
    philosophical, economic and political aspects of human development.

    Football at the intersections of power, race, color, class, gender,
    religion and the media.

    International Football (in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Central
    and North America, Oceania, the Caribbean)
    Elements that determine the ethos of amateur, semi-professional,
    professional and international play, games and sport
    Methodologies for football development at the individual, family,
    community, school, club, business, government, national and regional

    Strategizing Jamaica World Cup 2022 and beyond.

    The deadline for submission of proposal is 31st July 2011. Proposals
    should be no longer than 150 words and should be sent to:
    academicfootballconference@gmail.com or blaqnity@yahoo.com

    Please see attachment for details.


    NB: Where are the transcripts and recordings (audio and audio-visual) presentations and papers that were generated? Let's see...
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