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    After launching Steam Early Access in February, the Last Epoch finally received its biggest update to date, called Harbingers of Ruin. The main thing about these Harbingers of Ruin update is that it enhances the endgame of the game, and most importantly, it adds a new mechanism for all players to enhance the playability of the game. Let’s explore this Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin together.

    The most eye-catching update this time is undoubtedly Evade, dodge/roll. This is missing in most ARPGs, but it is what players need. In Harbingers of Ruin, this action is available to all professions and their variants, which is indeed commendable.

    The principle of Evade is as expected, providing a quick and short-range dodge, avoiding some necessary skills and damage through dodge. It is worth noting that Evade does not come with any invincibility frames, we cannot offset damage through Evade. We can reposition and dodge attacks by using Evade. It is worth noting that this skill has two default charges, each with a cooldown of 4 seconds. Reasonable allocation of skills allows us to defeat the enemy more easily and win. Alternatively, by improving combat power, it is also a good choice to directly solve the enemy through violence. Of course, this requires a lot of Last Epoch Gold to support our strength.

    It is worth noting that this Evade will not occupy the slot on the skill bar or have its own skill tree, but we can still use it to find unique equipment that changes its behavior. Don’t miss it, it can help us fight more easily.

    In the endgame, in the campaign and Monolith of Fate, you will encounter killed warriors. After interacting with the warrior, you have three options to choose from, and the results of each option will be different. If you want to know the specific content, you can go to the well-known game consulting website IGGM to learn more about the detailed analysis of the endgame.

    Overall, this update still has a lot of merits, which is worth players’ in-depth study and exploration. Enjoy it!