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  • Question for those who follow T&F

    Let start by saying that about an hour ago I heard that Sha'carri Richardson failed to advance to the semi-final of the 100m, at the USATF trials.
    Do you think that Sha'carri Richardson is using PEDs???.......After last year's marijuana incident, at the USATF trials, I told some people that I thought she was on PEDs, and the marijuana use was to mask & throw off the testing, because EVERY T&F athlete knows that marijuana is a banned substance - It's not like you take some medication and a banned substance, with a scientific name you're not familiar with, is in it. A lot of those people didn't like that take.......Her head coach is the infamous Dennis Mitchell, who used HGH & PEDs, when he was a competitor.

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    I always reserve my accusations about a non-Jamaican athlete using PED because, those same accusations are also levelled at us. However, as a T&F aficionado, I already knew that she was just all hype with no substance. Nike and the USA are always quick to elevate athletes to superstar levels when they show some glimpse of talent. Any times done on that Oregon track, is always suspect. Sha'carri Richardson is yet to travel overseas to run against seasoned professionals. Her races after that first run when she burst on the scene, are very well curated. She's a marketing pawn for Nike. Her running form is atrocious, and her regular times are just very ordinary. Our high school girls run with better form than her, and her regular times are not impressive except for the few one-off races. This would suggest a runner going through the different phases of PED usage.
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      I understand what you are saying, and respect your stance, on accusing non-Jamaican athletes of using PEDs, but Sha'carri Richardson's inconsistent performances and erratic behavior, plus the people in her camp (coach, advisors, etc.) have me leaning towards her using PEDs.......As I said before, her coach, Dennis Mitchell, used HGH & PEDs when he competed for the U.S. (came from the same camp as Marion Jones), and one of her friends & advisors is Justin Gatlin, a d@mn clown who had his bout with PEDs, and who keeps telling the media that Richardson is running 10.5 & 10.3 in training .
      - To start this outdoor T&F season, Richardson withdrew from her first 3 meets, and never really offered any reason. 1st race (5/21-Duval, FL) she ran 11.37, placing 4th. They then scheduled another 100m, at the end of the meet, and she won with 11.27. 2nd race (5/28-Prefontaine) she ran 10.92 for second. 3rd race (6/4-Montverde) she ran 10.82 (heats) & 10.73 (finals), with both races being wind-aided - +3.5 m/s & +4.3 m/s. 4th race (6/12-NY) she ran 10.85, coming second. 5th race (6/23-Oregon) she ran 11.31, coming 5th in the heats.
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