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Really impressed by what I saw at the Nationals...

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  • Really impressed by what I saw at the Nationals...

    Sadly, in one of the male U20 heats, a youngster with a commanding lead had to pull up, there was no way of telling what his time would be if he had finished the race, but my guess is it would have been a leading one at the end of the day.He will be missed in the 4 by 1.

    Oblique basically better Noah's season best, and his countryman Thompson then did better.
    The ladies appear to be up to the task too.

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    Our athletes are shaping up nicely going into this trials and into the Olympics. I am more pleased to see our young men finally stepping up since the end of the Bolt era.
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      This was suppose to be a down year as we have no one tearing up on the circuit right now. The trials was a great. My only disappointment was the men's 4X4.
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