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    Miami, July 29, 2008 - Miami FC took the field again Tuesday night at Tropical Park to face the Vancouver Whitecaps. Only 2 days after trouncing the Atlanta Silverbacks 3-0 the Blues looked to make it two wins in a row but were denied the victory as they fell 2-1 to the Whitecaps. Miami got off to a hot start thanks to the great play of forwards Alex Afonso and Sean Fraser. yet it was not enough to overcome some questionable calls and a good Vancouver team.

    In the opening 5 minutes both teams showed their attacking prowess by each having chances at goal early in the contest. Sean Fraser immediately continued his good play from the last game by taking his defender on a chase until he was able to curl a shot into Whitecaps keeper Jay Nolly which he was able to save.

    It was obvious that the Whitecaps were not going to allow Miami to carve them apart with quick passes and Vancouver took it right to the Miami defense. They had already drawn 2 corner kicks in the first 7 minutes and came close on a header.

    minute though Miami blasted down field on the counter attack with Sean Fraser feeding Eric Vasquez down the right side who crossed in a great ball for the oncoming Miami attackers. It was cleared out just barely for a Miami corner.
    Just like a great boxing match both teams exchanged blows and both were able to put up their defenses just in time to avoid the big hit. Alex Afonso took some shots including one in the 27th that almost squeezed its way into the goal after it deflected off of a Whitecaps defender.

    Then in 36th minute a lovely combination play between Sean Fraser and Alex Afonso at the very edge of the area resulted in a free kick directly in front of the Vancouver goal. Sean Fraser ran over the ball and Afonso received it and then accelerated into the area only to be tripped up by a Vancouver defender. The result was a free kick by Walter Ramirez that sailed over the bar

    The Whitecaps had their best shot of the first half in the 42nd when midfielder Martin Nash volleyed the ball at goal from 20 yards out which was touched over the bar by Josh Saunders.

    After a contentious first half the teams went into the changing rooms tied 0-0. The game went back and forth in the first 10 minutes of the second half but play stopped in the 57th minute for a Vancouver goal. On a counter attack from a Miami corner the Whitecaps raced down field and eventually a low cross was played into Eduardo Sebrango who poked it home.

    Miami appeared to have equalized in 59th through an Afonso header but he was controversially flagged for offside. Afonso placed a gorgeous header over the helpless Vancouver keeper only to be disappointed by the linesman's call.

    The equalizer did come though in the 61 st from a classic Alex Afonso goal. Eric Vasquez took off down the right flank and saw an opening just big enough for a smooth pass to roll across the face of the goal. It was served perfectly to Afonso who blasted it home from a few yards out.

    In a game that was not short of excitement Alex Afonso once again put himself in position to score and should have in the 70th if it were not for the goal post. A beautiful cross was chipped into the area from the right side by Eric Vasquez and Afonso rose up above everyone and popped the header down into the right goal post.

    Then in the 81st minute another goal would come by way of Alfredo Valente who blasted home a goal from the top of the area. The ball was shot off like a missile at Josh Saunders' goal and it hit the back right corner to put the Whitecaps up 2-1.

    Four minutes were tacked onto the end which definitely helped the Blues who did everything within their powers to score. Their best chance came in extra time from a free kick on the left side. Miami put almost all their players in the box but after a frantic scramble to equalize the ball was cleared out and the game ended 2-1.

    Sean Fraser:
    "The contribution of forumites and others who visit shouldn’t be discounted, and offending people shouldn’t be the first thing on our minds. Most of us are educated and can do better." Mi bredrin Sass Jan. 29,2011

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    Let's not forget that Nicholas Addlery plays with the Whitecaps. His former teammate at DC United, midfielder Stephen DeRoux, was this week named in the latest USL First Division Team of the Week.

    Of course, they are both Jamaicans.



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      I have alway been a fan of Stephen DeRoux bit I have never seen much of Addlery to form an impression of him. I know alittle bit of his history: that he played at JC, in the T&T pro league, and for a very brief period with an MLS team. Still, only seen him play once.
      "The contribution of forumites and others who visit shouldn’t be discounted, and offending people shouldn’t be the first thing on our minds. Most of us are educated and can do better." Mi bredrin Sass Jan. 29,2011


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        He played in Vietnam, too! Good yute!



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          Addlerly, like Damani Ralph significantly altered his game after leaving Jamaica. Both moved from being midfield playmakers to being target center forwards who focused more on running off the ball. Addlerly tries too hard sometimes and it results in clumsy touches.

          Sean does well and has some very creative and explosive moments. However, he does have a tedency to be a bit timid. Have to give the yute credit for going outside of his comfort zone. I know he had a very ruff time in Brazil