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  • Where is Theodore Tappa Whitmore in all of

    this? Yet we want the poor youth from the Ghetto to go up against the best in the world, when deep in their subconscious they know that they are not really appreciated but viewed with scorn. When will Ja free itself from the shackles of mental slavery? I know it started with the delegates but that seems slow:

    Awardees surprised - OJ recipients react to announcement
    published: Monday | August 7, 2006

    Dionne Rose, Staff Reporter

    ( L - R ) Davis and Lopez

    Three outstanding Jamaicans who will be conferred with the Order of Jamaica (OJ) later this year reacted with a mixture of pride and humility following the announcement of the awards at the weekend.

    They are among the five who will receive the nation's fourth-highest honour. Overall, 113 persons have been selected to receive National Honours and Awards.

    Dr. Rae Davis, who will receive the OJ, told The Gleaner he was deeply grateful.

    "I feel honoured that the country has recognised my service in this manner and I feel honoured to have served my country," he said.

    Dr. Davis, who is the principal of the University of Technology (UTech), and who was also appointed to lead the task force that made recommendations for the reform of the education sector, was honoured for his contribution to that sectors.

    For Beverley Lopez, who will also receive the OJ on National Heroes Day, October 16, the news was a surprise.

    "It was never something that I ever imagined in my wildest dreams," she said with pride.

    Mrs. Lopez said she felt humbled, but was quick to point out that the award was not about her but about the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, of which she is currently president.

    Neville 'Teddy' Mc-Cook, former president of the Jamaica Amateur Athletics Association, who will receive the OJ for his service to sports since 1964, was also surprised on hearing he would be honoured.

    "I am grateful. When a nation recognises you like that you have to feel extremely proud and honoured," he told The Gleaner.

    The other two Jamaicans who will receive the OJ are Ray Elias Hadeed, for pioneering service to Manufacturing, and Professor Owen St. Clair Morgan, for his distinguished contribution to Medicine and Medical Education in Jamaica and internationally.

    Thirty-one Jamaicans will be conferred with the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander (CD). Among them is Douglas Vaz for his contribution to Politics and Manufacturing.

    Mr. Vaz served 17 years as a Member of Parliament and seven years as Minister of Industry and Commerce under the Jamaica Labour Party administration during the 1980s.

    "I am very pleased and honoured," he said.

    Newton James, managing director of Power106FM, will also receive the Order of Distinction (CD) for his 43 years of service to Broadcasting.

    "I am very delighted and I feel very honoured to receive such an award like that," Mr. James said. "When one loves what they are doing and it (the award) comes along you accept it with great humility."

    Among the others who will receive the Order of Distinction (CD) are Dr. Kenrick Barrow, for outstanding services to Medicine and Medical Education; Kenneth Benjamin, for his contribution to Business and Entrepreneurship; Bishop Charles Dufour, for sterling service in the fields of Religion and Social Development ;and Dr. William Foster, for outstanding voluntary service to Jamaican children in the field of Open Heart Surgery.

    Other recipients of the Order of Distinction in the Rank of Commander are: Dr. Pauline Knight, for Social Policy Development; Lenbert 'Lennie' Little-White, for Communication and the Film Industry; Pam

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    RE: Where is Theodore Tappa Whitmore in all of

    His time shall surely come!
    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."


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      RE: Where is Theodore Tappa Whitmore in all of

      I have absolutely no respect for these awards. And I say this with all due respect for those people, esp. forumites, whose family members are recipients. When you see someone like Kent Pantry on the list...I could name several more over the years who have sullied the whole thing.

      Tappa deserves something, just not one of these awards!



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        RE: Where is Theodore Tappa Whitmore in all of

        The forum fancy like Anansie...where do I put my signature
        Six days I work for my children, on the seventh day they work for me.


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          RE: Where is Theodore Tappa Whitmore in all of

          control panel: edit signature .