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OJ, since you're the only remaining Arsenal fan

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    Boy U would have to score to tie the game. They didn't score a single goal


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      Boss you have to mind yourself in the minds of these big clubs (Real, Barca MU) if you score a goal on them in the first half they don't see it as a loss. They see it as a motivation to tie or win the game. Brasil Germany et al plays the same way one nil early in the game doesn't stop these teams.

      Take a look at Everton with Chlesea yesterday. Everton made sure they managed the game nil all thorough the first half. In the second half they started going aggressively after Chelsea and they got results.

      Moral of the story; MU staff wasn't bothered by the one nil because the thinking is that it cannot fluster their players. Two nil different story.


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        The thing is that OLe should see himself as a military leader fighting on two fronts (east and West).

        Which is better? The Eastern front; which is protracted with victory months away (for just a buffer zone) or the Western front with valued resources (huge psychological boost; akin to Germany annexing Austria in WWII) where its troops are close to capturing.

        The Eastern front is a numbers game and can be managed with patience. Chelsea is now stymied, not really a threat. Arsenal just cannot run through victoriously on the rest of games (because the mid table teams are hunting scalps now). They are akin to a deer that is shot but keeps running. If you get my drift No disrespect to the Arsenal fans here. Raw analysis based on data presented.


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          Boy U isn't a big club. A big club would have come back from a 2-0 deficit & won the game with ease


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            Being a big club is up for debate on another thread.At this point it seems that you are agreeing that Fred should not have been punished (the basis of my arguments).


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              Don't know what would give you that impression. Fred's forearm shove to the lower back of a player running away from him is a penalty every day of the week


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                So if player is running away from you why shove him (especially if he's isn't going towards goal)? The drum major instinct is affecting MU right now and City cannot absolve themselves (pay close attention to your last game) of this. You are happy and confident now

                Anyway Pep says City are teenagers in this space of Championship. I know you trust Pep


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                  Originally posted by Jawge View Post
                  You must have been out to lunch The argument wasn't about the score line, it was about Fred being punished for the second goal. Obviously someone in the analyst camp reasoned that if it was going one nil then MU could have tied the game. This way walk away with a point held Arsenal below or put them in panic mode and score another. Fred took full blame for the defeat. What I would like to ask the analysts, is how important was the game against Arsenal to MU as opposed to the FA cup game (knock out game)? MU missed those key interceptions and key passes in the FA cup game. MU threw away the chance of walking away with a trophy this season.

                  BTW I watched the City game also.

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                  By next year he may be ready. (Lets leave him pon the tree a little longer). I'm still green.
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                    Originally posted by Bricktop View Post
                    Boy U isn't a big club. A big club would have come back from a 2-0 deficit & won the game with ease
                    That statement mek yuh sound delusional. Fix up yuh statement and come again.
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                      I swear he has no idea what you are talking about,his memory holds up for a few days, then just like that, it is completely erased,.Was it that long ago we made the historical files at the expense of PSG which led by that scoreline,or is he mistaking that renown club for Swansea?
                      Besides, de bwoy put hym foot inna hym mouth again,didn't his fly by night come to our stadium bout dem wa'an get crowned EPL champion,led by two goals only to get beaten by my itsy bitsy club, a game they really wanted to win.
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                        You're a pathetic bunch. Always clinging to past glory. NEWSFLASH: City are EPL Champions


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                          who? me?

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