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Downswell's stint to end next week

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  • Downswell's stint to end next week

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    published: Wednesday | July 26, 2006

    Howard Walker, Staff Reporter

    Marketing manager of Wray and Nephew, Andrew Price (right), presents the Wray &amp; Nephew National Premier League (NPL) trophy to Waterhouse captain Kevin Lamey during the Wray and Nephew NPL presentation ceremony at the Terra Nova Hotel in New Kingston on Monday night. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

    WENDELL DOWNSWELL'S night-mare run as technical director will come to an end some time next week as the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) will be conducting formal interviews for his position.

    So said Crenston Boxhill, president of the JFF, at the National Premier League (NPL) awards ceremony at the Terra Nova Hotel on Monday.

    Said Boxhill: "The number one priority is the upgrading of the technical staff. Over the last 2 1/2 months I have been extremely disappointed with the results we have had, both at the senior level as well as to some extent our Under 23s."

    "It cannot therefore be business as usual. These results force us to look at overhauling that critical area of our operations," he saids.

    Downswell's role in the Reggae Boyz dismal performances of late has been well documented and the JFF is now forced to act quickly in acquiring an overseas coach that will carry the programme forward.

    "I am pleased to say we are making progress. We have received recent information that should allow us to reach some finality very soon in respect of a coach for the national senior team. We expect to be doing formal interviews over the next week," Boxhill revealed.

    Jamaican-born Englishman John Barnes seems to be leading the pack, with famed Brazilian Phillipe Scolari and Velibor 'Bora' Milutinovic names also having been mentioned.

    "But the level of resources needed to ensure a quality overhaul of the technical department cannot happen without combined public and private sector support. The government through the Honorable Prime Minister has committed. We now wish the private sector to throw its hands in," Boxhill noted.

    The award ceremony was highlighted by Kevin Lamey of Waterhouse, who walked away with five individual award and $195,000.

    Lamey captured the Player of the Season Award; The Tony Burrowes Personality Award, for player who best exemplies the quality of sportmanship, leadership and compassion both on and off the field; Top Goal Scorer: Second and Third Round; Top Scorer for the Season with 21 goals.

    Waterhouse collected their winning cheque of $2 million and the attractive Wray and Nephew trophy.

    Ironically, Donovan Hayles who led Harbour View to second position and later demoted to the Under 21s, was named Coach-Of-The-Year and walked away with $50,000.

    The Top Goalkeeper Award went to Portmore's Shawn Sawyer for the fourth consecutive year. Jermaine Taylor of Harbour View won the Junior Player of the Year Award. Both pocketed $20,000.

    Last season's promoted team, Boys' Town, captured the Peter Cargill Award for the most disciplined team and the side that has the most disciplined fans.

    The Top Referee and Assistant Referee went to the Peter Prendergast and Anthony Garwood team.

    Arnett Gardens won the Best Club Management Award.

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