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    A few seasons aback, I expressed my desire to resign Ronaldo despite he was up in age, that was not well met by you.
    He is even older now but my wish to have him return has not dwindled, we WILL win the EPL with him, and make his teammates(all of them) better.
    Sancho or Grealish, and Ronaldo will guarantee that we will be a force to be reckoned in the CL.

    I want to restore parity now.
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    At this stage I wouldn’t take back Ronaldo in our team. Maybe we could eke out a trophy with him but that would be a short-sighted retrograde step. Ronaldo plays for Ronaldo. OGS is building a team and the harmony within is visible. Ronaldo coming back could have the effect of a Sanchez.

    We need at minimum, three starting players- CD, CM and a striker.
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      This is MU not the MLS. We already have Cavani, Mata and Matic who are over 30. We don't need Ronaldo. We need a RW and a striker.
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