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Inconsistency in selection process!

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    Just saw something frightening. Saw Leon running riot vs Everton, but in the first Damari Gray running riot for Everton in the first. Imagine Damari on the right and Leon on the left..


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      It simple Stoni. Every coach have them bwoy. out of a team you will find one or two that is the coaches pick. You should have known that Stoni.
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        Actually OJ Slovenia first div, that's where he is now and actually contributing at a high level.

        Brickman, when tge others,actually register a few assists or goals in one season we can start talk about position, so far these guys are attacking mid in name only what good is it if you cant produce in it.


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          yeah and if it was up to me it would be Leon Bailey on the left and Dmari Gray on the right .. Paris can be in the mix as progression from youth football and a kid with promise. I am not sure he has done anything in the Solvenia d2 league to force out anyone. However I do think he is an exciting player