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    Originally posted by Bricktop View Post
    my two cents...now that we have a professional league viewed globally we should be looking to sponsor one of the JPL teams that went unsponsored this season...but first we would have to come up with a product to market under the RBSC label
    I like it idea noted


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      Originally posted by Sir X View Post
      All what you and Brick have suggested can be done and discussions are ongoing with the various moderators to bring the RBYZSC into the 21st century. 1st if we are to grow, we have to link with various online platforms and legal and financial frameworks have to be put in place to take this forum to its proper level. All the links are in place, its just a timing issue for some parties to have that meeting of the minds.

      If you can reach out to your favourite moderators and ask them whats the hold up, that would be nice.
      What exactly was the plan. Who are we talking in terms of moderators


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        OJ, does the forum have to have a purpose other than to chat football and express ideas and to support our team?

        I think if we want we should setup a group and give people the freedom to join if they wish and move with ideas with action. It is hard enough getting a group of Jamaican men to work on a project without ego, and add the forum complexity makes it harder.
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          OJ for the record I am extremely interested in what you have to offer in terms of coaching, hopefully I can reach out to you and set up something.

          "Good things come out of the garrisons" after his daughter won the 100m Gold For Jamaica.

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            So Far we have these ideas:
            Sponsoring a team in the JPL
            Coaching Clinic
            Combine for HS seniors looking scholarship.


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              My 2cents:
              OJ!!! Before the combine stage, to attract college scholarships, why doesn't "the group" also try to get some youngsters into MLS academies, especially the ones with family in cities where the better academies are located. Those with families in those cities would have somewhere to stay, and wouldn't be fighting for residency placement.

              Some info on MLS Residency Programs: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/audi-...-mls-academies

              Outside of MLS, FC Barcelona has a residency academy in Arizona (they took over Real Salt Lake's former residency facilities): https://barcaresidencyacademyusa.com/
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                Over the years, I have worked trying to get players in college. It is frustrating as most the kids do not take their SAT or have not studied for it so it make it hard for them. There is also the issue of video taping, Coaches no longer take other coaches word and need to see a video tape or profile of a player before even looking at them. Getting them in the MLS Academy will require some serious Liaising and it need serious work and dedication from players but it can be done if we are dedicated.

                The low hanging fruit is to run camps or sponsor a local team. The thing is what satisfaction will we get? Just to say we did it or will we making improvement to the team or communities?
                • Don't let negative things break you, instead let it be your strength, your reason for growth. Life is for living and I won't spend my life feeling cheated and downtrodden.