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Taxi Fountas accused of 'calling Damian Lowe the n-word'

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  • Taxi Fountas accused of 'calling Damian Lowe the n-word'

    The MLS have opened an investigation into claims Taxi Fountas called Damian Lowe the n-word in DCUnited's 3-2 defeat by Inter Miami.

    The ugly altercation between the pair took place in the 62nd minute of the MLS fixture, with the duo pushing and shoving each other after Jamaica international Lowe was unhappy with the Greek's challenge.

    Lowe shouted back at Fountas after the alleged slur was used, and referee Ismail Elfath then stopped play to speak to both captains.

    It then took an even more sinister turn in the following four minutes as former Manchester United team-mates Wayne Rooney and Phil Nevilleconvened on the sidelines to speak with the official.

    Neville then summoned his Inter Miami players to discuss whether they should continue playing as both players were subsequently booked.

    Tensions remained high between the pair and they had to be separated for a second time, and after a five-minute stoppage play eventually resumed.

    DC United boss Rooney then decided to take Fountas - who a few minutes earlier had made it 2-2 - off the next time the ball went out of a play, with the 27-year-old replaced by Miguel Berry.

    Rooney was commended by the Inter Miami boss for his actions, with the latter saying he had 'gained more respect' for him 'than for any goal he had scored in the past'.

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    ... now let us see what punishment he will face.
    "Jamaica's future reflects its past, having attained only one per cent annual growth over 30 years whilst neighbours have grown at five per cent." (Article)


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      Maybe in Greece the n word is culturally accepted by the user.
      Rooney's response suggests he believes Fountain could actually be guilty of using the racial slur.