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Jamaica vs Honduras

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  • Jamaica vs Honduras

    First half scoreless, Honduras seems to have the edge even though Jamaica ended the half showing signs of coming into the game, Richards hit the post from outside the 18.
    Hopefully the coach will instruct his players from making long passes from without half, it is just not working for us tonight.
    Worth noting, our forward line is quote capable of advancing the ball via short passes, they only need to get serviced.

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    Gray scoring, Pinnock doing well on the left flank, crucial to the buildup.
    Jamaica making two changes , Nicholson and Johnson in.Almost paid dividends, Nicholson heavy pass into the box to Bailey likely the reason it did not result in a go.


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      Honduras should have been reduced to 9 players, a second yellow was not issued in a foul that would merit it, and now Zapata assaulting Lowe with an intentional elbow to the head


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        The Boyz were not fluid. I have seen them play much more connected.

        I will give the team some slack. First game since Gold cup...so they should play better gainst Haiti.

        And Oh,, that pitch was not in good condition.
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          The plain truth is Jamaica hasn't improved so far under this coach. It took two wonder strike for us to win the game. We played well on the wing but continue to give away the ball in the midfield especially in the first half. Not until they put the dread Daniel Johnson on in the second have we could get some passes from midfield. We have a lot of work to do in that area of the pitch
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