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History of schoolboy Football titles

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  • History of schoolboy Football titles

    List of Champions

    Corporate Area Rural Shared
    Year Manning Cup Walker Cup DaCosta Cup Ben Francis Cup OlivierShield
    2009 TBD Jamaica College TBD Glenmuir TBD
    2008 St. Georges Excelsior St. James St. James St. Georges
    2007 Jamaica College Calabar Garvey Maceo Garvey Maceo Jamaica College
    2006 Bridgeport Eltham Glenmuir Frome Bridgeport & Glenmuir
    2005 Calabar Tivoli Godfrey Stewart Glenmuir Calabar
    2004 Excelsior Excelsior Glenmuir Glenmuir Glenmuir
    2003 Excelsior St. Jago Frome Cornwall Excelsior
    2002 Norman Manley Charlie Smith Ruseas Old Harbour Ruseas
    2001 Bridgeport Bridgeport Cornwall Cornwall Cornwall
    2000 Norman Manley Kingston College Cornwall Cornwall Norman Manley
    1999 Tivoli Jonathan Grant STETHS Glenmuir STETHS
    1998 Dunoon Dunoon Clarendon Clarendon Dunoon
    1996 Norman Manley Tivoli Clarendon Ruseas Norman Manley
    1995 Charlie Smith Charlie Smith Cornwall Cornwall Charlie Smith
    1994 Wolmer's Tivoli Clarendon Glenmuir Wolmer's
    1993 Excelsior St. Georges Ruseas Glenmuir Excelsior & Ruseas
    1992 St. Georges St. Georges Ruseas Ruseas Ruseas
    1991 Ardenne St. Georges Clarendon Cornwall Ardenne
    1990 Charlie Smith Excelsior Ruseas Clarendon Charlie Smith & Ruseas
    1989 Excelsior Meadowbrook Ruseas Clarendon Ruseas
    1988 Charlie Smith Camperdown Herbert Morrison Herbert Morrison Charlie Smith
    1987 STATHS Kingston College Ruseas Ruseas STATHS
    1986 Kingston College Meadowbrook Herbert Morrison St Mary's College Kingston College
    1985 Kingston College St. Georges Ruseas Ruseas Kingston College & Ruseas
    1984 St. Georges St. Georges Ruseas Cornwall St. Georges
    1983 St. Georges St. Georges Cornwall Cornwall Cornwall
    1982 Camperdown Camperdown Cornwall Vere Camperdown
    1981 Kingston College K.T.H.S. Dinthill Kingston College & Dinthill
    1980 Excelsior Excelsior Vere Vere
    1979 Camperdown Excelsior Dinthill Camperdown
    1978 Camperdown Tivoli Clarendon Clarendon
    1977 Calabar Calabar Clarendon Clarendon
    1976 Tivoli Tivoli Vere Vere
    1975 Kingston College Kingston College Kingston College
    1974 Jamaica College Calabar STETHS Jamaica College
    1971 Wolmer's Wolmer's Vere Wolmer's
    1970 Kingston College Kingston College Vere Vere
    1969 Excelsior Trench Town Vere
    1968 Jamaica College Excelsior Vere Vere
    1967 Kingston College Excelsior Vere Vere
    1965 Kingston College Kingston College Vere Kingston College
    1964 Kingston College Kingston College Munro Kingston College
    1963 Jamaica College Kingston College Cornwall Cornwall
    1962 Jamaica College K.T.H.S. Munro Jamaica College
    1961 Jamaica College St. Georges Munro Jamaica College
    1959 St. Georges Cornwall St. George's & Cornwall
    1958 Kingston College Cornwall Cornwall
    1957 Kingston College Munro Kingston College
    1956 St. Georges Cornwall St. Georges
    1955 St. Georges Cornwall Cornwall
    1953 Excelsior Cornwall Cornwall
    1952 Kingston College Munro Kingston College
    1951 Kingston College Munro Munro
    1950 Kingston College Munro Munro
    1949 Kingston College Kingston College
    1948 St. Georges St. Georges
    1947 St. Georges St. Georges
    1946 Jamaica College Jamaica College
    1945 St. Georges Munro Munro
    1943 Calabar Munro Munro
    1942 Jamaica College Jamaica College
    1941 Jamaica College Munro Munro
    1940 Jamaica College Cornwall Cornwall
    1939 Wolmer's Munro Munro
    1938 Wolmer's Wolmer's and Munro
    1937 St. Georges St. Georges
    1936 St. Georges Munro Munro
    1935 St. Georges St. Georges
    1934 Jamaica College Munro Munro
    1933 Jamaica College Munro Munro
    1932 St. Georges Munro Munro
    1931 Wolmer's Cornwall Cornwall
    1930 Wolmer's Cornwall Cornwall
    1929 St. Georges Cornwall Cornwall
    1928 St. Georges St. Georges
    1927 St. Georges Munro Munro
    1926 Wolmer's Wolmer's
    1925 Wolmer's Munro Munro
    1924 Wolmer's Munro Munro
    1923 Wolmer's Munro Munro
    1922 Jamaica College Jamaica College
    1921 Jamaica College Munro Jamaica College
    1920 St. Georges Munro St. Georges & Munro
    1919 Jamaica College Munro Jamaica College & Munro
    1918 Jamaica College Jamaica College
    1917 Jamaica College Jamaica College
    1916 Jamaica College Jamaica College
    1915 Jamaica College Jamaica College
    1914 Jamaica College Munro (was Potsdam College)
    1913 Jamaica College Jamaica College
    1912 St. Georges St. Georges
    1911 Munro (was Potsdam College)
    1910 Jamaica College Jamaica College
    1909 Jamaica College Jamaica College


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    Greetings Willi, Thanks for this post bredrin because this information will help me to settle numerous arguments with some of my close bredrins. Is it at all possible to get similar records for other High School sports in Jamaica such as Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, School's Challenge Quiz, Swimming etc? I know that it is a very tall order, maybe close to impossible because of poor record keeping, but if you can then please do. I am kind of tired of arguing without being able to provide the concrete facts. Champs records I already have so you don't need to post that unless you want to. Nuff repect bredrin or should I say Master Historian!!


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      Not a master at all.

      I found this on wickedpedia! LoL