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    You would be amazed at the distance a hardheaded kid can get by using his noggin’ to redirect a pass in the air. Heading can be used to shoot goals and by defensemen to clear the ball. There are a couple of major do’s and don’ts concerning the use of the head as a ball control weapon. If you can’t take the time to teach this the right way, it is better left untaught until you understand the potential dangers and proper techniques.
    <P class=lists>1. First and foremost, the player must keep their eyes on the ball and ALWAYS keep their mouth closed. Otherwise, players will have a tendency to bite their tongues upon impact. Ouch!
    <P class=lists>2. Keep the feet apart and stay balanced and ‘cushion’ the impact of the ball. The player should be relaxed upon impact.
    <P class=lists>3. After impact and cushion, the player should stiffen the neck and chest muscles while driving the ball forward to the target.
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