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Hey OJ you asked about an idea for training for the third attacker

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  • Hey OJ you asked about an idea for training for the third attacker

    Not saying this is the best but this is how I would go about it. I have found that keeping it simple when discussing and training concepts like third attacker is best. I hope I can explain it write it out well enough. Here goes:

    Set Up

    1. Divide your players into groups of six

    2. Make one 20 X 30 Grid for every group of six

    3. Divide players in grid into two teams

    Warm up (6-8 minutes)

    1. One ball per grid everyone passing and moving.

    2. Make sure players are giving short and long support (width and depth)

    3. Strech

    Possession(sp?) Game (6-8 minutes)

    1. 3 v 2 in grid - Team without possession has one playergo outside of the grid. Once his team wins back possession he can rejoin while other team losses one player. Make sure transition from defense to attack happens quickly. Players should be jogging on and off.

    Playing with Direction (10-12 minutes)

    1. 30 X 20 grid

    2. 3 v 3 to small goals (can use cones as your small sided goals)

    3. Team without possession has one player who drops back and plays goalie creating a 3 v 2. Goalie can't use hands. Once his team wins possession he can join the attack.

    Explain the object of what you are doing to the kids

    1. Looking to attack at speed and create numerical superiority

    2. Make sure player with ball attacks first defender (defender defending ball)

    3. Try to create a 2 v 1 with the last defender (defender covering)

    Explain what to look for tactically depending on situation

    1. First attacker considerations - First attacker (attacker with ball) should look first to play long pass to third attacker (attacker unbalancing/outnumbering the defense)if it is on. If pressured first attacker should thenlook to combine with the 2nd attacker (attacker in support) to eliminate the first defender.

    2. 2nd attacker considerations - Does first attacker need support and where? 2nd attacker should be thinking of where he can best place himself to create a 2 v 1 advantage with the first attacker. Can 2nd attacker support 3rd attacker if ball is played into him?

    3. 3rd attacker considerations - 3rd attacker should look to get behind defense. Explain to third attacker when to check run and comeback and support.


    Afterall that's why the kids come to practice OJ. Fun! Play 6 v 6 or 9 v 9 (whatever your numbers allow) with no restrictions. Positive reinforcement whenever you see your players recognize situstiond as they come up in play and do the right thing. Even if the play is not completed applaud them for the effort. Catch them being good my friend. I hope this helps. - T.K.
    No need to thank me forumites.

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    RE: Hey OJ you asked about an idea for training for the third attacker

    This is good tk..