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Yow Lazie.. mi haffi tief dis and teach yuh

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  • Yow Lazie.. mi haffi tief dis and teach yuh

    di ting.. nuh mek di Club Fanaticism blind yuh to what is plain to see..

    "The fact that Xavi completed all but seven of his 148 passes, a record in the Champions League this season, shows how intrinsically his success is linked to that of the Spanish champions. Nowhere in football is there a conductor like him."

    ManU are mere mortals.. membah mi tole yuh..

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    Coaching Development Produces Players


    PART ONE - SMALL SIDED GAMES – “Reasons for Player Development”

    Reasons for Using Small Side Game in Your Training Sessions

    SMALL SIDED GAMES – “Reasons for Player Development”

    Reasons for Using Small Side Game in Your Training Sessions

    Coaches….as we take on the responsibility to be the conduit for the development of our players match success and the development of our team’s match play. Small Side Games of functional and match related nature becomes one of several methods we need use for our team’s guaranteed success. Knowing that they are used world wide to develop top players into the professional ranks we need to know how and when to use them in our weekly training sessions. This type of training will promote more goals and stopping your opposition from scoring goals on your side. This is something all good coaching is about and of which we need must promote in the very nature of the game.

    GSM International promotes through our international continual coaching education series several excellent courses, one of which is called “Coaching Small Side Games for Senior and Youth Players”. Come join us. Click on the link above for more information.

    The below points are addressed in our coaching course training and you’ll be provided with exercises that will enhance your coaching methods and knowledge.

    1. As coaches we want our players to have more individual repetition time and coaching time with the coach. Fewer players on the field are guaranteed this through just 11 vs. 11 training and continual over use of full scrimmages in practice sessions.

    2. As coaches planning our weekly training session we need to often distance our players from the external undo pressures of the 11 Vs. 11 match. We will teach you how small side games will accomplish even better results for match success.

    3. As coaches we want our players to enjoy the game for its own sake and their role functionally in both attack and defense. Various type of small sided game will do this.

    4. As coaches we want our players to be creating more goal opportunities and scoring more goals from both the middle/central and flanks attacking areas and this will come through small sided games training.

    5. As coaches we want our players to learn to play in attacking groups of 2s, 3s, and 4s and so on to go forward to create and score more goals with in the 11 vs. 11 attacking system your team plays.

    6. Small Side Games create successful attacks through your system of play by having your players repeat their roles over and over on a smaller size fields with those team mates you attack with from your first attacking zone through the final zone.

    7. Using Small Side Games will teach players their role in transition from attack to defense much easier.

    8. Small Side Games that are both match related and functional in nature provide more repetition work for your goalkeepers in both their attacking and defending roles and in their relationships with their Backs in attack and defensive match situations.

    9. Small Side Games designed correctly will provide a higher level of Aerobic and Anaerobic Football Fitness for players to player not only and a higher level of football fitness in their roles in attack and defense but a high level of pace (playing speed) for each player and general team speed.

    10. Your team will simply understand how to better defend another team’s systems of play and be able to read an attacking team's shape.

    11. Through the usage of small side games you will allow for your players to develop into creative thinking players that will hand you and themselves the result needed for a championship.