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Sir X June 10th, 2019 03:33 PM

Giant : We can all learn from this man
Take a step back from our thin skin and triabalistic nature,speak truth,speak clearly ,give credit where its due and of course when its not. I will make it a point of as today, not to go into the name calling,to prove we/I must grow,must rise. Wi betta than that.

I suppose that I might consider myself as having been a friend of Michael Manley, and as I told him, if I was to be his friend, I had no option but to tell him the truth as I saw it. Of course, this sometimes created a commotion, because, like most political leaders, he did not take kindly to being contradicted. But if you happen to be in the unenviable position of being the friend of one of these personages, the true test is whether s/he is willing to listen when you say something they donít want to hear.

Assasin June 11th, 2019 07:36 AM

did you listen to John Maxwell?

He was outspoken but like most others who had shows and column was bias. We can learn something from him while others with a grain of salt.

Sir X June 11th, 2019 08:46 AM

Thanks for your opinion and you took note how he went to war against the pnp in the 90s onward.He was biased for the socialist cause ,he states this without shame, to the point of turning against the PNP when Mnaley his friend was re-elected and onwards.

Assasin June 11th, 2019 09:00 AM

yes but all these people dispite having their days of change, which is good but came from a background that allow them certain bias and that is why I read them all and find it interesting, listen to their recommendations and use it as guidelines but most of our political leaders in the past had big flaws based on how politics was. Maybe if they were just coming in today it would have been different so it great for our younger politicians to learn from the past.

Sir X June 11th, 2019 09:09 AM

Good points,best post you have ever made in my opinion. I attribute that to the youthful ignorance of the nation,post independence coming out of colonialism by extension a 120 years post physical slavery. We have to factor in the mental damage and the economic degradation or slavery. This will show in all facets of a society not just political.

Experience brings wisdom and all said they made mistakes, even the vampire.But im tek it back in one breath.

People keep talking about Signapore, they didnt have to factor in large scale African migration in the form of forced concentration camps to exploit labor.That labor didnt come from a sole African nation where the culture was united, it came from all parts of Africa with the aim being to break them into submission to the point of infanticide.

Assasin June 11th, 2019 09:49 AM

Let me ask what you know about the history of Singapore so I won't go there with you. I know of modern Singapore.

I say this because my friend who I haven't seen in a while have given me a brief history lesson on China and it is interesting. What I know about Singapore is they were able to achieve, I will not point it the fact that they had no African slaves. I would have to do a lot more research to even entertain that.

Sir X June 11th, 2019 09:57 AM

It's simple to me ,culture plays a large part of a nation's progress.The fact that they were under colonial rule and didnt have the affect of slavery and that means large scale migration of different African cultures broken into pieces of subjugation they were able to quickly organize for a economic and political system on the foundation of their culture and move up quickly.Same with China.

Compounding all this is a 40 year cold war where your resources are being manipulated by a forgein powers.There will be wars,poverty,diseases etc,across the third world.The more unified the culture the better your chances to escape it.

My opinion.

Sir X June 11th, 2019 10:02 AM

Let me clarify when I say they didnt have the effects of African slavery,its to mean they were not slaves themselves,their culture did not experience migration where their people were subjugated all over the world like Africans and exploited like Africans.

Assasin June 11th, 2019 09:01 PM

While Slavery have a lot to do with us, I know nothing of Singapore history except the last 40 years, so I can't make judgement on it. So many countries have been through war and nuff suffering, colonization etc.

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