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It's simple to me ,culture plays a large part of a nation's progress.The fact that they were under colonial rule and didnt have the affect of slavery and that means large scale migration of different African cultures broken into pieces of subjugation they were able to quickly organize for a economic and political system on the foundation of their culture and move up quickly.Same with China.

Compounding all this is a 40 year cold war where your resources are being manipulated by a forgein powers.There will be wars,poverty,diseases etc,across the third world.The more unified the culture the better your chances to escape it.

My opinion.

"Good things come out of the garrisons" after his daughter won the 100m Gold For Jamaica.

"It therefore is useless and pointless, unless it is for share malice and victimisation to arrest and charge a 92-year-old man for such a simple offence. There is nothing morally wrong with this man smoking a spliff; the only thing wrong is that it is still on the law books," said Chevannes.
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