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Originally Posted by Jangle View Post
Contrary to what Don1 may think, I agree with him about our need to change our educational system and curriculum and gear our children towards today's modern day technological demands.
While its possible that you may see some value in a reorientation towards science and technology I doubt that were in agreement on that matter. One merely has to observe the overwhelming majority of your posts to realize that.

To say nothing of your bizarre proposal to devote an entire parish to a pu$$y bazaar. Nope were not on the same page mi yute
"In our homes and every other place we must teach the higher development of science to our children and make sure that we become a race of scientists par excellence. For in spirituality and science lies the only hope to withstand the evils of the modern era"
Hon. Marcus Garvey

TEAM Works - Creating Jamaica's 21st Century Workforce. Up-skilling 50K kids by 2030 with technology skills
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