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Default Sontigut: You have laid out the case for our players

playing TEAM in every match for FULL minutes.

Presently the numbers suggest our players tune in and out of matches. As fact it would not be a stretch to say the numbers when compared with what holds in the top leagues...and what our eyes show with the play in matches of the other 2 teams - Croatia and Japan - from our 1998 World Cup Final group who were, as we had hoped we were, looking FORWARD to joining the world's top tier teams that their players have not rested...and do not rest on ground covered, passing, shooting, etc.

Those 2 teams play everytime they take the field FULL MINUTES of TEAM!!!

Your stats show our lack of application and if we consider the passing of time 1998 to present, some 12+ years, it would appear that our technical club & national staff are ignorant of 'real work(load)' of their players and what should hold (in their workplace).
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