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Originally Posted by Mosiah View Post
If I didn't see it on the news myself I would think this must be a joke. Two prime ministers, the sports minister, the JAAA president, Lindy Delapenha, and I believe I saw Elvis in the background - all were in attendance for what clearly is a big deal. "The only synthetic track at the high school level in the English-speaking Caribbean".

So, Minister Headley admits that the name of the sponsor is the High School Sports Infrastructure Improvement Project, not to be mistaken with the Science Laboratories Improvement Project.

I am expecting the next big investment in our high schools will be in the form of an "entertainment system", something that would allow our youngsters to train for Dancing Dynamite and Magnum Kings & Queens.
Wi nuh need nuh more proof seh Portia & di Termites dem ah eediat....

BTW...My guesstimate that the track cost about US$600K was absolutely correct....

Yet anedda D1 prognostication come to pass

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