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Originally Posted by Jawge View Post
Boss would you consider Junior and Dr.Socrates world class? What impact was made by them in Europe? When Diego was first bought to play in spain, did he have a huge impact? Was it diego's game in naples or his exploits in the 86 WC that defined him as world class?

Yes they like to diss Tappa and the 98 team. They love to bring up talk about George Pena (to belittle Prof.Simoes) and talk about Lindy, Skill Cole, Dago Gordon, Largy et al. These players could not qualify Ja. Ja was in a football wilderness until Prof. Simoes came in 94.

For the record: TAPPA IS A WORLD CLASS FOOTBALLER. TAPPA IS JA's BEST FOOTBALLER TO DATE. Every Mobay man would tell you that Anthony Tuffy Barnes was the prodigy of the city, yet Tappa rose higher.

BTW all dem hector wright will tell you that they can't walk in Tuffy's shoe (they saw Tuffy when he was playing; ask Tatty bout Tuffy This why when Denilson was coming to Tatty with that street ball, Tuffy already groomed tatty (having sitting flat on his butt in J.Park).
While I agree that Tappa was a world class player, there is no way he is our best ever. The players you mentioned never got the opportunity to raise JA to the world cup because we couldn't pay the fees for one plus qualification would have been vastly more difficult as the rules and spots were different.
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