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Old June 12th, 2019, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Jawge View Post
Boss I laud your efforts and intentions, but look what's going on at present (in Ja). Scholarships are being offered to many young people for school in the US. I'm talking about STEM majors. Will they return to Ja after living a certain life? (especially if they are educated on the East coast). I doubt it. Ja is in serious trouble for the long run.

I have to agree ; prostitution won't move Ja's economy (same can be said of gambling et al). It's as if the island is bankrupt of ideas. Criminal activities (forging, stealing , lying, murder et al) are on the rise though.
Good points. When we get kids on the scitech path they do have more options...including migration. But we still have to try.

JA doesn't have an enabling environment for scitech so many will depart as there is little interest in building knowledge industries. Just look at what economic activities people in JA get excited about - mainly tourist arrivals and new hotels.

If you talk about JA building brainpower as have successful small countries like Singapore, Israel etc?? Nothing but blank stares - and advice to focus on attracting tourists and building hotels

It's the "educated" people in JA who are the problem. Educated yet still backward
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