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  • Getting logged out

    Many times I find myself being logged out and not able to log back into the forum. It happens on occasions when I am deep into a thread or jump from one forum to the next.

    I've used the back button to get back to a post that has me logged in. However, it doesn't always happen.

    I'm using a new PC (since Christmas) ...could it be related?

    Peter R

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    RE: Getting logged out

    Peter: It is not your computer, but a bug in the forum. It is really inconvenient as it happens to me too all the while. We are hoping to address this and other issues with an upgrade in the next week or two. In the mean time, please bear with the inconveniences.

    We are going to make those little nuances a thing of the past.

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      RE: Getting logged out

      Peter it use to happen to me when I used my netscape browser. Now that I use Internet Explorer I don't get logged out. Try it and see if it works for you. - T.K.
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        RE: Getting logged out

        Oh...I thought it was a means to get back at certain forumites(Chal)
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