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Report: Manchester United To Replace Ronaldo With Ribery

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    Mr. President, I don't want your job as I do not have the time nor do I want the responsibility that comes with the job. I am comfortable being your Secretary of State, and I don't want our disagreement to become a public fodder for the hyenas, namely, Paul Marin, Xcuse and of late, Peter R, so please step over here so that I can whisper some intelligent reasoning in your ear.

    I agree with Westman that we should sell Ronaldo. I said it at the start of the season and I am saying it again. We should not distract ourselves with Ronaldo's tantrums. If his heart is not with the Empire, then he should go.....for the highest and most ridiculous price. I also agree with Westman that we have seen him at his peak. He will do well at another club, but he will never again reach the heights that he achieved at the Empire. I have been proven right before on my calls - Saha. We received a tidy undisclosed sum for him, and he has proven true-to-form by being on the medic bench for most of the season. Allan Smith was not good enough for the Empire, and he too has struggled for first team selection since going to, of all places, Newcastle. We also got a good deal on Ruud Van Nistleroy. Real Madrid, like AC Milan, has a pechant of buying old, over-the-hill players who sells jerseys on sentiments. Let them have Ronaldo. We don't even have to buy another player, as I think we have enough potential stars in our squad that, if given a chance, will evolve into world class players. Next season should be used to give our fringe and young players a chance to develop. It will be difficult to repeat this season's success when we win all titles, so we should start the rebuilding next season. The 3 old men, Giggs, Scholes and Neville should be used sparingly, and we need to groom Johnny Evans and another to take over from Ferdinand. Ferdinand has another year and a half at his peak before we start to see the decline. The money we can get for Ronaldo can go a far way in improving our books.
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    Hey .. look at the bright side .... at least you're not a Liverpool fan! - Lazie 2/24/10 Paul Marin -19 is one thing, 20 is a whole other matter. It gets even worse if they win the UCL. *groan*. 05/18/2011.MU fans naah cough, but all a unuh a vomit?-Lazie 1/11/2015