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Altanta United was certainly stunned by

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  • Altanta United was certainly stunned by

    the Crew last night. Anyone hear from HL and Assassin?
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    They stunned themselves! Three missed penalties in the shootout? Unforgivable. Tito haffi bax dem!
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      Lazie roots.... I came home from the game sad, dejected and with no voice.

      I console myself with the thought that ATL UTD has over achieved. That they need to take some tough floggings to prepare them for future success.
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        Maybe one could draw parallels, the difference between class and form.
        That makes me red in the face when yours is likely stiflingly blue.


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          Went to the game and left dejected also. The Crew seemed the more discipline and organized of the two teams and certainly had clearer opportunities on goal although Atlanta had more possession and shots. I was disappointed in Martinez play. Th man got caught offside on at least six different occasions and was late for every cross played in the box.


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            AUFC ran into a team that was HIGHLY motivated by the #SaveTheCrew movement/campaign, and facing arguably the best U23 U.S. goalkeeper, Zach Steffen (he's having a hell of a 1st MLS season, but will most likely return to Europe next year).
            Your team did a very good job for their 1st season. With some good, new players & proper squad rotation, AUFC will be a very dangerous TEAM next year, BUT you won't be surprising anyone.