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The blueprint to fix Manchester United

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  • The blueprint to fix Manchester United

    It was another rejection that was as damning for the club as it was damaging to the team.

    Earlier this year, when Manchester United made initial steps to sign a midfielder of the type they now so badly need, it was made clear this wasn’t the type of move the player was interested in.

    ”It’s not the right time,” he said. An agent was much more blunt. “We can’t put him in that situation right now.”

    United, one of the greatest names in football history, did not currently represent a good career move.

    All of Christian Eriksen, Paolo Dybala, Jadon Sancho, Declan Rice and Matthijs de Ligt have come to the same conclusion over the past few months. Some of United’s own players have been wondering the same thing over the past few weeks, not least Paul Pogba.

    It now looks exactly like City 2019. The repeat Premier League champions have become just that by stealing a march on the rest of the field. City are at the forefront of absolutely every area of football, from development to the finished product, that ends in so many goals that represent the very cutting edge of the sport’s tactics.

    Hey .. look at the bright side .... at least you're not a Liverpool fan! - Lazie 2/24/10 Paul Marin -19 is one thing, 20 is a whole other matter. It gets even worse if they win the UCL. *groan*. 05/18/2011.MU fans naah cough, but all a unuh a vomit?-Lazie 1/11/2015

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    Wow, i thought all you need was money and that having a brand name coach wouldnt attract players, did claffy & co read this ?

    "Good things come out of the garrisons" after his daughter won the 100m Gold For Jamaica.

    "It therefore is useless and pointless, unless it is for share malice and victimisation to arrest and charge a 92-year-old man for such a simple offence. There is nothing morally wrong with this man smoking a spliff; the only thing wrong is that it is still on the law books," said Chevannes.