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  • Leon Bailey

    Things he removed:
    a)all doubts surrounding if he belongs to the EPL
    b)if our Reggaeboyz have quality players to be dominant in. CONCACAF
    c)the club's concerns about losing Grealish
    d)if he has arrived physically and mentally.

    Exceptional goal, very efficient in the difficult build up.
    Congrats to the baller!!!

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    Really Rockman, you had those doubts?
    On issue A, did you not see him in the Bundesliga, did you not see him singlehandely mash down Bayern Munich. The only doubts I have had about him is the whole family situation and the impact on his psyche. It seems to go in cycles, gets real big then everybody get too cocky, then club and players get funky, he gets funky and it crashes, left out of starting 11 etc, then he gets regrounded and comes back and the cycle repeats.

    On B, our boys issues is lack of preparation for professional ball and the star mentality we inculcate too young which is a massive hurdle in their real development when they get an opportunity they struggle to learn and mesh with team authority and the technical side of the game,

    C. Too early to tell, Grealish was their boy, At Leverkusen I think the club tried to limit Bailey and it seemed the players would not instinctively create for him. That pass from Ings today was amazing, that is what you need to spring bailey and they must work on scenarios to clear him for one on ones down the wing and use of his physical advantages.

    D. More to come on that one must build on what he learned at leverkusen, this high today should be thought of as nothing, meaningless, dont get no ego vibes from it, constantly push and learn like he is just another team member, enjoy the team and remember it is all about the team. With that,attitude he will be best player in Epl and top five player in world.


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      What a contribution from Leon.
      "Jamaica's future reflects its past, having attained only one per cent annual growth over 30 years whilst neighbours have grown at five per cent." (Article)


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        all after 21 minutes? We need to temper the thing.. Yes he can play in the league but needs to stay healthy and a body of work.


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          Leon was brilliant!
          "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."