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FIFA's usurping of each Nation's Constitution and rights

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  • FIFA's usurping of each Nation's Constitution and rights

    FIFA is an extremely powerful body. Asrising from FIFA's use of its powers it was generally accepted that on its hold over individuals and entities engaged in football as administrators, players or as football affiliates or football affiliates of affiliates 'FIFA was more powerful than Nations'. It took unto itself powers to censor, suspend or expel if Nations took action consistent with those Constitutions.

    Recently at the medal ceremony of the last FIFA Women World Cup that of 2023, The President of Spain's FA, Luis Rubiales, planted a "forceful kiss" on the lips player Spain's Jennifer Hermoso. The of the ruling of a Judge in Spain and FIFA's not reacting in outrage or administering either a censor, suspension or expulsion of the Spain's FA questions have arisen on and about whether or not FIFA is really as powerful as is thought.

    It has been reported that Spain's player Jennifer Hermoso filed a complaint in the courts against Mr. Rubiales;
    "MADRID, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Spanish soccer star Jenni Hermoso has lodged a criminal complaint over the unsolicited kiss by football federation boss Luis Rubiales after Spain's victory in the Women's World Cup, the national prosecutor's office said on Wednesday.
    Hermoso gave her testimony on Tuesday and the complaint will be processed "as soon as possible", the prosecutor added.
    With the complaint, Rubiales could face criminal charges in addition to the ongoing inquiry by Spain's top sport court for "serious misconduct" and an investigation by world soccer governing body FIFA, which has provisionally suspended Rubiales from office for 90 days."

    So far FIFA has not acted against the Spanish FA as punishment for Spain's Courts intervention or against the player, Jennifer Hermoso. , who has filed a complaint in the Courts in Spain. Why has the supposedly 'all powerful' FIFA not acted?

    In Jamaica spokespersons for the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) and indeed, both parties contesting the upcoming tussle for President of the JFF for the next four (4) years following JFF Elections are making claims that Ms. Pat Garrel's Court action against the JFF would subject her and the JFF affiliate she claims to head to expulsion by FIFA. If Ms. Garrel prevails in the Courts, what then FIFA...action that differs from that taken in the case of "what many concluded had been an unwanted smooch"?

    NB See: New York Times article - Luis Rubiales, Ex-Chief of Spanish Soccer, to Face Trial Over World Cup Kiss

    The ruling by a National Court judge resulted from a pretrial inquiry into an unsolicited kiss that set off a widespread debate about sexism in Spanish women’s soccer.

    & COURT GRANTS INJUNCTION TO DELAY JFF ELECTIONS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah9t4sfd7Qo
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    Thanks Mr Karl .