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Yeah Sicko, George's deh pan road now....

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  • Yeah Sicko, George's deh pan road now....

    I always read here, just dont post. I see that the light blues having a rough two game opener. It was a shock to see the 3-0 then the narrow 1-0. Worse to see that we could only beat Oberlin by 4.

    It was a concern for me during the summer training about our defence. The boys are too static on defence and do a lot of ball watching. They tend not to pick up the opponents early in the defensive third, Coach 'T' will have to sort that out. Is the title hopes over, I think not. It is still early days and the results of todays game between C-Bar and JC will tell us how this group is going to play out.

    I'll be watching the net for results.

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    RE: Yeah Sicko, George's deh pan road now....

    If Georges is the third best team in the Zone then Manning Cup is stacked with talent this year or that Zone is the toughest of any in the entire island.

    I think the Georges offence is good and hopefully they will get it together sooner than later.
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      RE: Yeah Sicko, George's deh pan road now....


      Maybe the light blues need some of the fairer sex on the team. Is this new moniker to distinguish you from ova suh? :w00t:
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