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Sickko: How is Sammy Jarrett?

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  • Sickko: How is Sammy Jarrett?

    Sammy played on the '66 & '67 CC teams (I think). We played together on the Mico team. I know that his sight started to deteriorate. We got on very well. Last I knew he was living in or near Claremont, St. Ann. We lost touch...but, he was 'good person'.Where is he?

    If you havenumbers and or address for him send me a PM...I would be grateful!
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    RE: Sickko: How is Sammy Jarrett?

    Last time I heard he was some where in the New York area, if you have any contacts with Augustus Jackson he could hook you up.

    Sammy J taught me PE in High school and we actually played on the same Violet Kickers D2 team, we used to call him Ground Thunder as he had a powerful left foot shot.

    We knew about his eye sight and heard it was caused when he looked directly into an eclipse of the sun..he was still able to function on a day to day basis but hardly ever went out at nights. If you watched him closely you would see him feeling for key holes instead of looking for it.
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