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    Football Leadership Series Part 2

    "In today's game football leaders, coaches and administrator need to be able bring something to the table for others and not themselves. Some ideas about what football leaders need to do!"

    Leading with Integrity is required … Do You Have It?

    If you’re committed to using your passion and purpose to serve other through your coaching and want to be successful at it, this requires integrity. So we need to look at what integrity is all about and why we can’t coach without it.

    Integrity is hard to come by these days. I think we know that we live in a world that lacks leadership with integrity at all levels. The newspapers, billboards, TV, radio, news reports, and the Internet reflect the times in which we’re living. With so much negativism and garbage constantly bombarding our eyes and ears, we don’t always make correct choices to be the coaches of integrity we should be. We simply have a lack of integrity in our lives, and we often fl oat through life and our coaching without doing anything to become completely filled with integrity.

    Gaining integrity will bring about a revolution in our lives for serving and mentoring others. Take, for instance, dishonesty. It taints the world around us, and we get caught up in it. A lot of coaches and administrators find themselves trapped into maintaining publicly that they are men and women of integrity, but they only wink at integrity as a barometer to guide them. They are entrapped by their very natures—that of men and women who are just not who they are supposed to be before the team they handle. I’ll bet that if you think about it long enough, you can remember an occasion in the last several days when you were in a position to compromise your honesty.

    Maybe you were tough enough to do it with integrity. If not, you honored a counter cultural life style which should not be part of the world we live, and your choice was poor. Integrity is not very highly valued these days, as seen by its very lack in our culture. Parts of our society just don’t see that it’s all that important to live with integrity.

    It’s almost as though it has become easier to live without it. We are being deceived. A coaching plan for you is not going to happen unless you know what integrity is, practice its meaning, and use it in your coaching. A person of integrity follows a life style that shows love to other, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” These must be your passions to grow yourself and your players. They create a picture of the way you speak, act, and react with your players.

    In our commitment to coaching and administrating football, what really matters is that we will be strong enough to be filled with integrity to serve with passion the game was made for. Coaching and administrating goes beyond winning matches. We coach players, impacting their lives forever on the field and off. Winning or losing matches has very little to do with impacting the world. If you win games for any other reasons, it’s not through the integrity expected of our positions as teacher, mentors of this game of soccer.

    Integrity is a personal state of completeness. Integrity means honesty. If you have integrity, you’ll be trusted by your players and they’ll commit to you. When you have integrity, what comes out of your mouth matches up to your actions! The world in which we live is lacking leaders who are people of integrity. If you can coach with integrity based on good moral and ethical standards, you will not be operating by the counter cultural standards of the cheaters that live along side us. A coach who is full of integrity coaches by a system will benefit themselves and others. When integrity is the “official” of your coaching, you will be consistent, and your honoring belief system will be reflected in your words and your walk. Integrity gives you the freedom to be the complete coach you were designed to be.

    If you’re not a person of integrity, you’re probably coaching dishonestly. Chance will have it that in time you can’t be used in this game to serve if you remain a dishonest coach, a thief, a cheater, a hater, a jealous man or women, a person who twists the truth, and so on.

    Getting the job done means that you follow what is true and honest. If you use other ways to coach, integrity is out the window and your players see right through you. They won’t trust you and commit to you completely. If you’re not coaching with integrity remember that our success and significance has everything to do with being coaches who exemplify integrity. We must be committed to doing this.

    Coaches and administrator in football are to be full of trust, hope, grace, and mercy to your players when they are coaching and training players, not people who are full of themselves and their agendas. Take a look at your life and see where you are positioning yourself on your way to eternity. When you have integrity, you have the means to move yourself ahead to other and not yourself. Integrity will guide your coaching and help you plan in all your decision-making processes. You will be that leader others need you to be and your players will see you as a person who is unquestionable because of your integrity. Without it, no real success will be possible.

    You actually can win more games by using integrity. That’s right. If you’re fully committed to coaching with integrity, you’ll win more games because your players will pour out harder efforts for you physically and mentally because they’ll trust you and believe that what you say is correct for their and team success. The impact you’ll have on your players and your own life will be seen by others as well. The fact of the matter is that if you’re a good listener and can carefully visualize your efforts, you’ll be hearing and seeing for yourself. Integrity is in control and driving you if you use put in an honest effort. You don’t have to be a looser because integrity takes the losers and makes them into winners. You can be a winner and a person of integrity as you steer your team to some great wins and victories.

    Integrity is modeling your moral and ethical your personality, characteristics, speech, and actions. Your integrity will influence your players in a big way in this world and form in them a deep trust toward you and one another. Remember this saying, “The integrity of an upright person guides them.”

    Coaches who do not have integrity are not trusted by their players or by anyone else in their programs. They are not seen as honest, but as unreliable and undependable for help and for the development of their players’ futures in both their soccer and society living. Your position with your players is to bring something to and into their lives that will benefit them, not you. If you’ve got integrity, your players will want to be around you, follow you, and give 100 percent to their team and you. They’ll sacrifice for what you expect of them, knowing that you’re man or woman of integrity. If you’re a teacher of integrity, you’ll have a successful team.

    The real benefit of being a coach of integrity is that your players will trust you completely, and trust is what holds teams together in one common bond and impacts the team members beyond the matches and practice sessions. When you earn the trust of your players and staff, you’ll earn their confidence. You’ll also occupy a special place in their eyes, and be rewarded immeasurably. Without integrity, you will fail, not only as a coach, but as the person you really need to be. You’ll fail your players and cheat them of the experience they could have had with you because you forgot to use integrity.

    Coaches and administrators with integrity consistently choose the right way. It’s always easy to do what’s right when you know ahead of time what you stand for. Being filled with integrity, results in a self-disciplined person who is truthful in all his coaching and life situations. Are you ready to stand for what’s right and be that coach you were designed to be? Though you cannot go back and make a brand-new beginning, you can begin again now and create a brand-new end.

    Integrity is what we do and what we think and how we act. It causes us to go one way or the other in our coaching and living. Remember this saying, “The man or women of integrity walks securely, but the person who takes crooked paths will be found out.” You can’t have integrity without being a person who walks securely in this world we live and do this game for the players.

    “This integrity thing is something to get serious about and start making those choices that will not only win games but the hearts of your players for the rest of their lives. If you think this is not your responsibility you’re in the wrong game”
    Paul Banta

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    As true for life as it is for coaching

    Recognizing the victims of Jamaica's horrendous criminality and exposing the Dummies like Dippy supporting criminals by their deeds.. or their silence.

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