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  • Reggae, dancehall and technology

    Let's Talk Reggae

    Sunday, September 19, 2021
    With Roshaun “Bay C” Clarke
    I have spent many years dedicated to the genres of Jamaican music.

    From the foundational sounds on which I grew up as a fan of the music to my formative years as a performing artiste, these have come together to create the basis of my love for cultural music and the young and rebellious spirit of dancehall, which embodies my very fibre.

    During this journey I have enjoyed the fame, fortune, and popularity that comes with being at the forefront of the culture and also the tedious intricacies of the music industry's back-end. The many other players that create this infrastructure – the producers, mixing engineers, distributors, selectors, radio announcers, marketers, booking agents, managers and, most recently added, social influencers – all play as vital a role as the artistes that the fans love.
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