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Farmers are “unsung heroes”

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  • Farmers are “unsung heroes”

    Blessed to be the ‘Best’ The Jamaica Broilers Group story

    Now 65 years old, the Jamaica Broilers Group (JBG) has not only etched its name in the minds of many Jamaicans but is a world-known brand, having expanded its operations to the United States and for some time was an active player in the Haitian economy, while exporting to other Caricom member countries .

    The very vertically integrated agro-processing conglomerate had its genesis in May 1958 when directors Sydney Levy, Byron Coombs and Larry Udell founded the company with the flagship brand Best Dressed Chicken. Levy later bought out the shares of Coombs and Udell, becoming the sole proprietor until 1992.

    “It’s always been chicken,” current President and CEO of JBG Christopher Levy told
    Jamaica Observer in a matter of fact tone in his office at the group’s Old Harbour, St Catherine, head office recently.

    “Eventually [we went] into different things but always, I can tell you, we’ve always been in the chicken business,” he said excitedly, seguing to share when JBG made its first dividend payment of
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