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Calabar High Has Made The News Again- Find Out Why?

Clouded in recent bad press, one would be led to believe that things are dire at Calabar High School.

The Red Hills Road based school, despite its recent bad press is on the path of significant growth. Based on the 2018 CSEC results, 73.3% of students (7.33 out of every 10) are leaving the school having achieved 5 or more CSEC subject including Mathematics and/or English. The school’s academic growth performance has been phenomenal, suggesting that the school’s administration has been more focused on academics despite what may be portrayed by the recent press or social media.

2016 saw 53% of boys leaving with 5 or more subjects (including Mathematics and/or English) and 2017 saw 64% of the boys leaving with 5 or more subjects (including Mathematics and/or English). Today they are at 73.3%.

The rate of annual improvement is in excess of 10% and if Calabar High was on the stock market, it would be the best performing stock. The 2019 sitting, is expected to break the 80% barrier (based on current trajectory) putting it ahead of Jamaica College, St George’s College and Kingston College.

The turn around the school is experiencing is no surprise to the school’s administration. The Chairman, Mr. Johnson and Principal Mr. Corcho, along with other members of the senior leadership team designed a comprehensive strategic development plan aimed at achieving what we are currently seeing.

The school is very disappointed at the recent events that marred its name, however, the school’s administration maintains its focus and declares the utmost for the highest.
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