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Robust agriculture sector critical in building back economy Green

From state minister for the former Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries where he served in the previous Jamaica Labour Party administration, Floyd Green has been promoted to take charge of the newly formed Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Against the background of the significant economic fallout due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, agriculture and fisheries will need a reset in order for it to fulfil its pivotal role in building back the economy much stronger than before, the new minister disclosed. The cutbacks on food imports especially have brought the issue of food nutrition and security again into sharp focus.

I think the country recognises that agriculture and fisheries has probably one of the most critical roles to play in the building back of the Jamaican economy. It is important that we have a strong, robust agriculture and fisheries sector; that farmers are given sufficient due and prominence, and also our fishers, and also that the proper systems are put in place to facilitate the growth, diversification and strengthening of the industry.

Critical to the success of that mandate will be the translation of the research and innovation done at tertiary-level institutions such as The University of the West Indies, University of the Technology, and Northern Caribbean University into practical applications for the agriculture and fisheries sector. It will also mean a broadening of the focus on strengthening the capacity of the research stations across the island, beginning with the Bodles Research Station in St Catherine.
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