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Originally Posted by Jangle View Post
WITH the country's tourism sector taking a beating as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke says Government is looking to aggressively diversify the economy as the need for jobs and hard currency earnings grow. He made it clear, though, that the tourism sector, which accounts for 10 per cent of the economy, will remain an important source of earnings going forward.

“We've made a lot of inroads as far as infrastructure is concerned, with the privatisation of the Norman Manley International Airport, the privatisation of the Kingston Container Terminal [and] the advancement of our free zones legislation. So the opportunity is ripe for us in this term to ensure that logistics and fulfilment become a key engine of economic activity and employment,” said Clarke.

He also anticipates that a significant number of jobs will become available from exploring technology-driven opportunities.

“In addition, the prime minister mentioned [in his acceptance speech] that opportunities that exist in coding and animation are real. Today we have hundreds of Jamaicans who are working in animation and coding and we believe that number could be thousands — or tens of thousands,” the finance minister added.
Where is the mystery. If you grow what you eat and eat what you grow your import food bill goes down and you earn from exporting the excess. If you grow what tourists eat and tourists stop coming then you have to find export markets for what you grow, but the tourists are coming from countries that eat what they grow, so basically they dont need, in their country, what we grow here.Smh.
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