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Rural Ja REDI for US$40m agri, tourism boost

The Government is hoping that the second phase of its Rural Economic Development Programme (REDI II) will pump life into rural economies, mitigate migration to urban centres, and spur new earning potential for thousands of persons across the island.

The US$40-million programme, which is aimed particularly at the agriculture and tourism sector, was launched and will provide assistance for small- to medium-scale rural enterprises to be able to supply the needs of private-sector businesses.

According to the Government, this strategy stands to increase the country’s production level and decrease the food-importation bill.

“The objective of the Government is to help to unlock the economic potential that exists. Both (public and private sectors) are needed for the well-rounded development of our society,” said Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“Economic growth requires the creation of new products, greater volumes of those products, and greater training in these products,” he said at the launch.
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