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X the JLP will get back in power because almost every area of governance is better except crime and the dollar devaluation.

The place is cleaner
better communication from government
Better use of tax dollar
Even less dump fires and more mosquito fogging
More houses been build
More local road been fixed
More water project
More beautification projects and local infrastructure projects like play fields and community center and more training for youths.
Look at other things such as FINSAC, The government of the day sold it foreign company to make money on the debtor instead of refinancing with most of the local debt owners and give them a chance. Now look what the government do instead with WindFfarm, list it on the stock market and give every Jamaican a chance to buy in. If it was PNP based on their history it would be sold to another foreign entity.

Peter Phillips also wanted to close the Junior stock exchange which has grown by billions since then and raised capital for Jamaican company and a chance for working man to try and make something from a company they believe in.

PNP will have a hard time winning back South East St.Mary and East Portland as Dr. Norman Dunn and Anmarie Vaz is putting in the work. PNP going to have worry about Dr.Guy seat as they see the changes Dr. Dunn doing in the Annotto Bay area. No PNP want to step to challenge Ann Marie Vaz as Crawford withdraw because they see how she deal with low hanging fruits and help to fix basic community problems.

To many MPs have become lazy over the years and fail to inspire. They need to take a leaf out of book of Juliet Holness, Floyd Green, Dr. Dunn, and the Vazs book how to garner support and get private sector, and international partners involved to achieve things in their constituency. Don't wait on the lickle constituency fund and share it up with their friend. PNP had a chance to rebuild and re position themselves and they haven't. They have so far sold no new ideas for people to even think about.
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