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Come on now, no matter how you may be leaning on this issue, the bottom line is that if you fail, you fail, there is no getting around that. If I failed my common entrance exam I could not have gone to Calabar, if I did not pass my a levels I could not have gone to uwi, no matter how bright and talented I may have been, that is how we test people you must step into the cauldron of fire and get tested, well my man stepped into the cauldron and failed On a 3rd div side. Call it Nuh man, I know yuh is a Upper hope road man but you have to step up to the facts even though is a fellow Upper hope road man too.

The cardinal sin we continue to repeat is thinking a guy can play badly at club level and come into the national team and be a star, practice makes perfect, yuh can't turn the juice on and off when yuh feel like it, give me the guys dominating and contributing everyday at a pro club level and I wilL show you a side that can compete and bring results on a consistent basis in concacaf.
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