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Not surprised. Looks like Cbar is going all in on track to try to ketch KC in Champs tikles. If I were to be an alum I'd want to see my school academic infrastructure upgraded first before sitten like dis doh

But all who hope to compete @ Champs will need to upgrade. Now that we've virtually completed our academic related campus upgrades over the past 9's a good time to look at sports

I can def forsee on our bottom field ...a mini-stadium with a Mondo type track, nice football surface, irrigation system....and stands for say 3K spectators
FYI there has been a serious push started a couple years ago by the Old Boys Association to upgrade and improve the academic standards at the school. The results will be unveiled in the near future. The physical structure is just part of the overall plans.

COBA Projects 2016

1. Complete COBA Centre of Excellence Project: Calabar Museum, Memorabilia Store and COBA Office project.
2. Continue the Saturday Mathematics Class program.
3. Create a Technology Lab within the Science Department.
4. Continue to facilitate the welfare of our students through our Mentorship and Scholarship programmes.
5. Sell Calabar branded apparel and memorabilia from the Store and online.
6. Host the 2016 Annual Reunion Dinner at which several Old Boys who have excelled in the field of Sports will be recognized.
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