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You are the reason why Jamaica continues to spiral downwards, how dare you delve into Michael Manley's personal life when his record of public service remains, at the very least, unmatched even after so many years?
Didn't Holness AND his wife benefited from free education, why public schools are deemed unworthy for their children?
Why Manley did not get Beverly Manley to run for public office?
I suspect the reason why the PNP backsliders are welcomed with open arms by the JLP is someone has to replace the die-hard JLP members being outed for being corrupt.
He is believing the exaggerated hype from his subordinate lizards,in so much that he thinks he can unjustly attack the legacy of Michael Manley by way of
making baseless assertions as opposed to out doing Manley with policies of his own.How can he claims that Manley is responsible for the current economic woes when Seaga (and the JLP by default),in an act of high treason, colluded with a foreign infamous agency to undermine Jamaica?

Regional leaders hold Manley in high esteem, Holiness is seen as spineless...
Oh yes, Covid19 , well Manley was instrumental in providing free health-care , just one of his many accomplishments.
Again , what have the PM done that would make him worthy to criticise Manley?
Give me 1 accomplishment even remotely close to these..

Taught to hate the solution.
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