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Originally Posted by Stonigut View Post
An unsuccessful first season at Preston North End is hardly the arbiter of a player's ability imho

Above quote as per Don1, this may be true, but when you are selecting a side whether for national duty or for the possibility of improving your club then nobody cares about the possibilities of a particular players worth except his family and fans, the only thing they see is a Jamaican capped player failing at a 3rd div club, you know what conclusion they draw from that!?

The real truth is he probably should never have been selected for national duty but that is the state of our game, our best players are third div quality aT best 2nd div and you know what, that has pretty much been borne out by most of our players (national) that have played there fuller and gardener being the exception.
Agreed! ...with the cautious statement ...if our best is 3rd division then what choice have we?

Seriously...I understand.
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