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The Everything Jamaica Forum This forum is for topics Jamaican or international/world issues which members may have an interest in discussing.

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Old March 29th, 2020, 08:15 PM
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Default Criminality and the hypocritical stupidity of Jamaicans...

So Jamaica's rates of criminality are at world-leading levels. This is led by the country's murder rate which is almost off the charts. Jamaica is demonstrably a global leader in murders...and has been so for decades

Apart from the 1000s of lives lost, broken families, fatherless & motherless children (themselves prone to adopt murderous ways) and all the social ills stemming from Jamaica's wanton criminality...there's a HUGE economic burden imposed by this state of affairs. The World Bank has estimated the economic effect of Jamaica's criminality at -4% of GDP...EVERY YEAR

Jamaicans know they live in a lawless environment and many profess to be outraged by the situation. There's lots of yapping about criminality which consumes a lot of oxygen...but little else. The JLPNP political complex is completely powerless to handle the crime issue...and is a HUGE part of the problem by historically encouraging violence through their extreme tribalism.

The most curious and despicable element to me is that despite their constant bleating about condemning criminality and murderers ...Jamaicans also easily excuse, downplay and whitewash crime and criminals. When their favored corrupt party is connected to criminality.... even to the most murderous thugs there is SILENCE.

In some cases as in the guy calling himself Bricktop...criminality is OPENLY EMBRACED & CELEBRATED. If the guy were to have been born into a deprived environment I'd have some sympathy as he'd be a victim of circumstances...somewhat. But that circumstance seems unlikely in that guy's case especially as he's claimed a connection to some obscure uptown private school.

This forum is a really good example of the "typical thinking of Jamaicans" Forumites would have seen many examples of the guy celebrating criminality, boasting of his friendship with internationally known murderers etc etc

In the face of this open support for the most extreme murderers the "typical Jamaicans" here are silent. This makes such people complicit in supporting criminality by their silence Many would have nothing negative to say about the guy's open & loud support for criminals because they support the political tribe he favors

All you supporters of criminals by word, deed or mere silence muss get bun out. You're part and parcel of Jamaica's biggest problem. Unnu really pathetic

Recognizing the victims of Jamaica's horrendous criminality and exposing the Dummies supporting criminals by their deeds.. or their silence.

D1 - Xposing Dummies since 2007
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